The Usual Suspects by Noxbil

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Cesar V. Ortiz, who is also known as ‘Noxbil’ is a very gifted digital artist and graphic designer from Madrid, Spain. Cesar designs are all so fun, original and extremely creative. We first featured Noxbil earlier this year with his series call Heroes and Villains. Now he brings us The Usual Suspects, A series of stylized television icons that you can’t help love because their just so bad. This fresh new series features the likes of Walter White, Hannibal Lecter, Dexter and more.

“I consider myself a creator of digital works. It allows me to have varied experiences and mixing techniques. I like to search designs in the net, of other artists who can influence me, I also strongly influences the film, music and travels around the world that inspire me on many occasions. I try to observe and learn every day to improve my personal and professional work. I like to create a work from single pieces representing with only one single picture the right message which I want to convey. Today there are many designers and artists, some better than others but they all have something that defines them and intended to show the world. So my goal is that my creations will reach all corners of the globe and appreciate my message.” – Cesar V. Ortiz. [via]











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